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Homage to our glaciers

Commemoration for the vanished glaciers and
demonstration for climate justice

Sunday 6 September 2020 at 14h

at the buvette of the Trient glacier

It is no longer possible to register for this event due to limited places in the post buses and at the buvette.

The Trient glacier is one of the most flagrant examples of the melting of glaciers: the glacier has receded by more than 1'000 meters in the last 30 years. There are over 500 small glaciers that have already disappeared in recent years in Switzerland, and some larger ones will disappear in the coming years. Climate change is the main cause. But climate change also threatens human civilisation as we know it, in Switzerland and worldwide. It is primarily the most vulnerable populations in the countries of the South that are and will be most strongly affected.

Together, we must stem global warming or our livelihoods will deteriorate irreversibly. We need to raise awareness among the population and the politicians in order to set Switzerland on climate course. It is in this spirit that we wish to commemorate the disappearance of the glaciers. Protecting Switzerland's glaciers also means global climate justice.


11:55 Departure of the post bus from Martigny

12:28 Arrival of the post bus at Col de la Forclaz

One hour hike to the buvette of the Trient glacier

14:00 Ceremony with various speakers, activities and music (fruit pie offered to all!)

16:00 Return hike to the Col de la Forclaz

17:10 Departure by post bus from Col de la Forclaz to Martigny

This event is organised in collaboration with Action de Carême, Collectif BreakFree Suisse, Initiative for the glaciers and Bread for all and supported by Climate Seniors Association, Artisans de la transition, ATE Valais, Bolivia Plurinacional CH, Climate Strike, HEKS/EPER, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Grandparents Switzerland, Greenpeace, Initiative of the Alps, œco Église et environnement, Protect our Winters, Pro Vélo Valais, WWF Freiburg and Valais and WWF Youth.

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