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SNB remains in focus

At the Annual General Meeting of the National Bank on 27 April 2018, activists brought the fatal ignorance of the SNB bankers into play. They should serve the people - but they do global damage.

In the first three months of this year, the National Bank lost seven billion in investments. With climate-friendly investments, the National Bank would have earned 20 billion more over the last three years! This was shown by a study published on April 24 by Artisans de la transition in cooperation with Fossil-Free.


As the study shows, the National Bank could, by reallocating only one percent of its foreign exchange reserves, massively reduce its footprint in the order of 50% of the direct CO2 emissions of the whole of Switzerland!


To this day, the National Bank, the eighth largest public investor in the world, refuses to take climate risk seriously.


One thing is certain: we will continue to work to increase pressure on SNB.

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