• The Alliance for Climate Protection

    The Swiss Climate Alliance was founded in 2004 and is an alliance of civil society organisations for climate protection. With over 80 member organisations from the fields of environment, development, church, youth, trade unions and consumer protection, it is committed to a fair, sustainable climate policy.

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    If one takes a look at the climate-relevant sectors of Switzerland, the massive weight of the financial sector is striking. For this reason, Climate Alliance Switzerland is currently focusing on the Swiss financial centre with two campaigns.



    Divesting from oil, gas and coal

    The Swiss National Bank carries a catastrophic temperature rise of 4-6 degrees. Its equity investments are responsible for more than the annual CO2 emissions of Switzerland as a whole. The Swiss Climate Alliance is campaigning for the Swiss National Bank to withdraw from oil, natural gas and coal.

    No more fossile Investments!

    Pension funds pump billions into the coal, oil and gas industry. This is a risk to the climate and to the security of our pensions. Together we are calling on pension funds to stop investing their pension assets in fossil fuels.

    From brown to green

    With their investments, Swiss pension funds as a whole are on a climate trajectory of 4 to 6°C instead of the 1.5°C required by the Paris Climate Agreement.
    With the new climate rating, we assess the most important pension funds (more than 90). In French and German language.

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