• Swiss National Bank: Divest from oil, gas and coal!

    The Swiss National Bank's investments contribute to a catastrophic temperature rise of 4-6 degrees. Their equity investments are responsible for more than the annual CO2 emissions of Switzerland.

    Climate Alliance calls for a climate stress test and publishes concrete recommendations on how the stability of the financial system and the climate could be protected. The damage caused by increasingly frequent climate catastrophes is taking the system to the abyss - similar to the financial crisis 10 years ago. There is a risk of a succession of bankruptcies of fossil-dependent companies, their banks and insurance companies.

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    April 27, 2018
    At the Annual General Meeting of the National Bank on 27 April 2018, activists brought the fatal...
    The Swiss National Bank's investments contribute to a catastrophic temperature rise of 4-6...
  • Climate Alliance Switzerland

    More than 70 organisations across Switzerland come together to form the Climate Alliance Switzerland.

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    By separating from investments in coal, oil and gaz investors get rid of substantial financial risks and are distancing from the profiteers and lobbyists of the climate crisis. more

    Transport is the biggest climate factor in Switzerland. So far, no effective measures have been taken to reduce CO₂-Emissions from transportation. International airtravel is even subsidised by the tax exemption on fuel. more

    "The beginning of the rainy season has become unpredictable. Also, it becomes increasingly shorter. Sometimes the rainy season comes so early or late, that crop growing is impossible to plan." This is how small farmers in Fambidzanai, Zimbabwe are describing their situation. From many other countries of the south we hear similar stories. more

    Global warming is the last blow for many endangered species — so a central finding of the fifth IPCC report. more

    Protecting the climate means leaving fossil fuels completely within the next few decades. In the place of oil, gaz, petrol, diesel and kerosine there must be a responsible and parsimonious use of energy, 100 % renewable energy. more

    The Arctic melts and it melts fast. In no other place on earth can we observe the impressive climate change. More than 75 % of arctic see ice has vanished over the last 30 years. more

    The developed countries assured the developing countries, that they will support them financially with regards to climate protection and adaptation to the consequences of climate change. But the first payments were taken from development funds, as did Switzerland. This goes against the previous agreements and threatens a comprehensive climate treaty. more

    Not all people are equally responsible for global warming.: Up to 1990 developed countries accounted for 80 % of all green house gas emissions. Meanwhile, people in developing countries are suffering from climate change, even though, they did not contribute to the problem. more

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